Scholarship Info: Doctoral Studentship at Halmstad University, Sweden

Doctoral Studentship in Signals and Systems Engineering at Halmstad University, Sweden

PhD Studentship in Signals and Systems Engineering at the School of Information Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering Halmstad University in Sweden.

Study Subject: Signals and Systems Engineering with specialization Machine learning/Mechatronics especially Automatic Visual Perception of the Environment
Course Level: PhD
Scholarship Provider: Halmstad University

Eligibility:-The suitable candidate has a master´s degree in computer science or engineering, or alternatively signals and systems or electrical engineering. Students expecting to finalize their degree during the spring 2011 are also welcome to apply.

-The student´s ability to benefit from doctoral studies will be taken into account when we make the appointment.

Scholarship Info: Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Norway

University of Oslo offers Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Geodynamics in Norway

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the field of Geodynamics at The Center of Excellence for the Physics of Geological Processes, University of Oslo in Norway.

Study Subject: Geodynamics
Course Level: Postdoctoral
Scholarship Provider: University of Oslo

Eligibility:-The candidate must have a PhD (or other corresponding education equivalent to a Norwegian doctoral degree) in Geophysics/Geodynamics.

- We are looking for highly motivated and competent candidates with background in mantle dynamics and plate tectonic modeling.

-A good command of English is required

Scholarship Open for International Students: No

Scholarship Description: We are seeking a post-doctoral candidate to participate in the project “Beyond Plate Tectonics” – An ERC Advanced Grant awarded to Professor T.H. Torsvik (2011-2016). The project aims to develop a new global model of plate kinematics that will be linked to the mantle with the aid of a new plate motion reference frame based on moving hotspots and on palaeomagnetic data. The resulting model will constitute the input to subduction models that are meant to test the consistency between the reference frame and subduction histories. The final outcome will be a novel global subduction reference frame that will be used to explore links between surface processes such as eruption of large igneous provinces and heterogeneities in the deepest mantle. We are seeking an outstanding and highly motivated researcher to participate in this international collaboration. Numerical modelling experience and programming skills are required and we expect the applicant’s experience to include global scale modelling of mantle convection, subduction, plumes and/or modelling of plate tectonic kinematics.

Scholarship Info: Scholarship at Mathematics at University of Manchester, UK | Research Associate Position in School of Mathematics

Research Associate Position in School of Mathematics at University of Manchester, UK

Research job in school of mathematics for research on Structure Preserving Transformations for Matrix Polynomials at University of Manchester, UK

Study Subject: Structure Preserving Transformations for Matrix Polynomials
Course Level: Research
Scholarship Provider: EPSRC

It is essential that the individual appointed should:
-have completed or be in the process of completing a PhD or equivalent qualification in Mathematics, or a related subject area, or have equivalent research experience;
-have experience of research in matrix analysis or in numerical linear algebra;
-familiarity with theory and algorithms for matrix eigenvalue problems;
-have demonstrated the ability to carry out research and to publish research results in international journals;
-have excellent communication skills, with a demonstrated ability to effectively communicate research results at international level both in writing and in spoken form at conferences;
-be able to work independently but also within the project team.