PhD Position in Molecular Genetics, Sweden

PhD Position In Sweden

PhD, Sweden PhD Scholarship

PhD Position in Molecular Genetics, Sweden

Scholarship for PhD Applicants in Molecular Genetics, Lund University, Sweden

Study Subject: Molecular Genetics
Employer: Lund University
Level: PhD

Scholarship Description: The EU Marie Curie training network Cornucopia will train a new generation of young scientists focusing on less studied yeasts with interesting traits, which could be applied in the food and health sectors. The yeast kingdom includes more than 1.500 other species that display a variety of unusual characteristics but have so far been only poorly studied. These yeasts represent a large untapped potential to develop novel food and health related processes and products. You will investigate genes behind carbon metabolism, aromas and/or probiotic properties in nonconventional yeasts, using molecular biology, in vitro evolution, genomic and post-genomic, and genetic tools. You will “domesticate” new isolates and develop mutant strains which can be easily handled in the lab and even used for applied purposes. In addition to pursuing postgraduate studies, the doctoral student may also perform other duties, including research, teaching and administration, according to the specific university and department regulations.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Hydrogeology/Groundwater Management

Postdoctoral Fellowship

Fellowship, Postdoctoral Fellowship

Senior Research Fellowship in Hydrogeology /Groundwater Management

SRF position in Hydrogeology/Groundwater Management, IWMI, Colombo, Sri Lanka or Accra, Ghana

Study Subject: Hydrogeology/Groundwater Management
Employer: IWMI
Level: Postdoctoral
Scholarship Description: IWMI currently has three senior fellows, whose role is to provide international scientific leadership in specific areas of water science and management. We are seeking a forth Fellow to promote and lead our work on improved utilization and management of groundwater. A key role of the Fellow will be to stimulate innovative thinking and management options for sustainable use of groundwater in irrigation and multiple use water systems, and to develop new projects for IWMI and its partners to undertake as part of the new Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems. IWMI operates in Asia and Africa. The Fellow would be based in either Colombo or Accra, but would be expected to contribute to innovative projects on groundwater resources and their management in both Africa and Asia. The Fellow will report to either the Director General or Deputy Director General.