Scholarship For Spanish and EU | Spain

MAEC-AECI Scholarships for Spanish and EU Citizens in Spain

MAEC-AECI Scholarships for Spanish are held every year, unilaterally and open.  Scholarships are available to Spanish citizens and EU residents in Spain to study and practice in countries receiving official development assistance during the academic year

Study Subject: Many
Employer: MAEC-AECI
Level: PhD, Masters

Scholarship Description: The present call is to finance for the subsidy, the cost involved in training at universities, research centers and foreign bodies of Spanish graduates, having intended to facilitate training in the field of development cooperation. Also training scholarships are held in the field of management and cooperation cultural sector as a strategic element of the Spanish official development assistance and cultural exterior as part of a Spanish cultural policy abroad.

Requirements for applicants.
“Seekers of new applicants:
1. Have Spanish nationality. In addition, applicants from other European Union country must have perfect command of Spanish and official residence daily in Spain, at the time of applying.
2. Application of one scholarship per person and call.
3. There have been a recipient of any program Scholarships MAEC-AECI, six or more months, or the Carolina Foundation, in the last three years.
4. in possession of national passport valid for at least six months in the incorporated into the center when fate studies.
5. Possess the necessary qualifications legally required to pursue studies chosen at the time of applying

Scholarship Application Deadline:
Varies according the program .

Marie Curie PhD Fellowship | Oxford UK

Marie Curie PhD Fellowships Positions in Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH)/University of Oxford, UK

Marie Curie PhD Fellowship Opportunity in Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Study subject: Environment Research
Employer: Centre for Ecology & Hydrology(CEH)/University of Oxford, UK
Level: Graduate, Master’s

Scholarship description: Part of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), CEH is the UK’s centre of excellence for research in the terrestrial and freshwater environmental sciences. This exciting